Cling Film

Cling Film Cling Film Dispenser products from TMH Solutions to make your Cling Film applications more accessible, efficient and cost saving. 300mm x 300m Cling Film Solutions cling film

Cling Film is about 0.01 mm thick and is most commenly used used for sealing food items in a package or as a covering to maintain a drgree of freshness within a fridge for example. Cling Film is usually available in rolls of differing length in long box dispensers containing a serrated edge for severing the Cling Film. with a cutting edge. By its very nature Cling Film will clings to many smooth surfaces by its sticky nature and by expelling air from between the smooth surace and the Cling Film. The Cling Film can be pulled tightly to crate a membrane to protect food and ther items that need to be kept clean and free of contamination by moisture and air born dirt.
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Cling Film was firstly made from PVC, but non-PVC and Vinyl Clingfilm alternatives are now the usual choice to avoid the Vinyl monomer and plasticizers getting into food. So low density polyethylene is now the preferred material together with Vinyl Clingfilm.